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Super Baby needs hugs

Home with family. Tonight’s the big BBQ. Weather’s great. Everyone is very nice. There are some people I know and am comfortable with. Mostly though it’s my parents’ friends and they’re awful. Racist, sexist, ugh, awful. And I don’t want to be around them and there are too many people anyway and wasps — heh — both WASPS and wasps everywhere. 

They only want to see the baby anyway. Why does anyone care if I hide? 

Radio baby

Lazy Sunday morning

“I could write down a list of qualities and say ‘check all that apply,’ but maybe you’d check none of them and still be butch. I know these identities have something to do with masculinity and femininity, something to do with taking a societally prescribed gender role and intentionally or unintentionally turning it into a new gender identity that is not either painful or regulated. It has something to do with queerness, usually, and something to do with human archetypal energies.”

—   Sinclair SexsmithPersistence: All Ways Butch and Femme, With Both Fists, pg 183. (via christophanyimages)

(Source: lunapher, via mrsexsmith)


Good morning

Sometimes I creep myself out. 

Like, WHY did I think that? WHY? 

Guys I’m obsessed with dashcon coverage

Seriously though.
I think I’ve found a new fandom